Ideas powered by passion.

Barnett Design is a closely knit team of uniquely talented designers, writers, illustrators, photographers, web developers, and social media experts. The core team has been together for more than 20 years and collaborates on all projects. We love what we do, and we’re passionate about developing original Ideas that Work for our clients.

Debra Barnett Sagurton

Debbie Barnett

Principal/Creative Director

Over the course of three decades, Debbie has built her Northern New Jersey-based firm into a hub that embraces the philosophy of great ideas that genuinely work.

“When we meet with a client, we really tune in. We brainstorm, we collaborate, and we develop something that is wonderfully tailored to the client’s goals—a finished product that conveys why your company, brand or product is different—and why your own clients and customers should choose you and not the competition,” she says.

Having honed her skills at Federal Paperboard, where she worked with brands such as Klondike, Nutella, Polly-O, and Dunlop, Debbie doesn’t turn off her designer’s instincts when she leaves the office. In fact, a trip to the grocery store is just as likely to be for product-packaging research as it is for stocking the pantry.

As an entrepreneur, a wife, a mother, a frequent university lecturer and even a black belt, Debbie looks at every new opportunity as an exciting puzzle to be solved.

Jefferson Ramos

Jeff Ramos

Senior Art Director

A 26-year veteran of Barnett Design, Jeff began his time with the studio while still an undergraduate student. And though he initially envisioned himself working for a large agency in Manhattan, he soon discovered the appeal of a smaller, suburban design firm: interacting with a tightly knit crew and a coterie of fascinating clients. “We are those same designers you’ll find in the city. We just happen to be in New Jersey,” he says.

A onetime graffiti artist and a longtime football fan, Jeff says his dream client for Barnett is the NFL. With that said, he is particularly passionate about the work Barnett does for non-profits: “The projects are very satisfying and keep me connected to the volunteering I did in my youth.”

Valerie Haymes

Val Haymes

Art Director

For Val, each career turn—from her work for the global ad agency Doyle Dane Bernbach to her integral role at the boutique firm of Barnett—has brought with it new opportunities to tap into the power of design and convey a meaningful message.

“I love the lively brainstorming sessions we have here,” Val says. “Whether it’s a new website or a consumer-product relaunch, at Barnett we consider multiple possible approaches before selecting a path to recommend to our clients.”

When she’s not collaborating with the team to bring such ideas to life, Val provides support for Bergen County Audubon Society events and pitches in at the local Center for Food Action.

Tara Maratea

Tara Farley Maratea

Senior Graphic Designer

For most people, putting a band-aid on something is considered a temporary solution. In Tara’s case, creating actual Band-Aids, on behalf of companies such as Disney, was among her first challenges as a newly minted graphic designer. “Without leaving off a portion of a character’s face, I had to pack as much artwork as possible onto each small bandage,” she recalls.

At Barnett, whether creating a brand logo, a brochure or product packaging, Tara excels at showcasing what is most important, with unique, refreshing style. Combine that intuition with her uncanny ability to be on-trend while generating ideas that stand the test of time, and the results are anything but band-aids.